It Starts With A Kiss — out now

Sure, she could play it cool when they talked about work, but anything else got her skittish inside and paranoid as hell, which he could tell by looking at her. Him and everyone else.

So she always made sure she was the first to look away when they made eye contact; the first to break stride when they fell in step; the first to change positions when she saw their arms folded the same way.

She had hiding it down to an art.

My steamy scifi office romance, It Starts With A Kiss, is out now 💖

Paperback copies of "It Starts With A Kiss" by JL Peridot

Thank you to everyone who preordered—you’ve made this day extra, extra exciting. Thank you to my lovely beta readers, who patiently and forgivingly answered all my fussy questions. Thank you to the friends who kept me going, kept me caffeinated, adequately sugared, and unquestioningly supported. Thank you to the readers, reviewers and everyone who’s ever replied to my mailouts for a chat.

Thank you to Kyanite Publishing for taking a chance on me, and for giving me my first legit paperback with a colourful cover and paper smell.

Thank you, most of all, to my partner N, who’s stood behind me and beside me from day one.

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