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You can now find my latest novel, Yet We Sleep, We Dream, at a fair few ebook retailers plus a couple of brick-and-mortar shops, wee!

Onto the blog…

Status Update: Mar 2024

 | diary

It’s probably time for another status update, as so much has happened since the last one. I’ve been (reasonably) well-behaved lately as far as getting things done and not burning out have gone. Here are some noteworthy bits and bobs., The book event at Durty Nelly’s Read more...

But love isn’t words

 | food for thought

But love isn’t words. Love is the other. It grows within you. It holds you. it warms you. It is its own being. It is a power, like fire. It cares nothing for the woman who thinks she owns it. It cares nothing for the man who thinks he can replace it. If you fight it, it will sour and poison you. If you suppress it, it will only sink deeper and destroy you. Read more...