15 tips from my writer self-care toolbox


I’m lucky enough to have my health and a lot of choices for sustaining myself in my sedentary, solitary writing career. But even knowing how much it helps to get off my arse and do other stuff, I still end up burrowing into deep rabbit holes for long periods. The force of writing inertia is so strong 😅

Anyway, these are some of the things I have to make a conscious effort about in order to look after my heart, mind and body as I write. I thought I’d share this list in case you wanted ideas for your own self-care toolbox, or if you need commiserations, or just a reminder to get up and look after yourself today too.

  1. Go for a long walk in the sun
  2. Stretch often throughout the day
  3. Do a core workout a couple times a week (planks are good)
  4. Snack on fruit & nuts as well as biscuits & chips
  5. See friends in person every couple of weeks (ideally over a long walk)
  6. Slack off every now and then to relax and recharge
  7. Lift heavy weights to maintain muscle mass and bone density
  8. Take purposeful “life admin” days so tasks and chores don’t pile up
  9. Spend quality time with family as often as possible
  10. Drink 2L of water per day (more on training days)
  11. Indulge/invest in hobbies without feeling guilty
  12. Set aside “spa time” every week
  13. Use chores as a way to take a break
  14. Put on good music/podcats/TV often
  15. Make time to just daydream

Now go do that thing you gotta go do 🤗