RSS is not dead, it’s just the LI in a shapeshifter paranormal romance

Remember when RSS/Atom feeds were all the rage and you didn’t have to visit noisy social networks to get updates on your favourite blogs? Instead, you went to your noisy feed reader (eg. Google Reader, Feedburner, Feedly, etc.) and scrolled through hundreds of titles and text previews. Ah, good times.

Well, I don’t want to say those days are gone. They’re not. But they have had to adapt to the rise of social media superpower platforms. I do have an RSS feed on this blog. You can find it at /feed. But I have blog feed on Twitter now too: @jlperidotblog 😄

Not all of my blog posts make it to my main account, so chuck us a follow if you’d like to see the full set of updates* in your timeline.

(* I am not perfect and may sometimes forget to schedule stuff properly)

Admittedly, this isn’t very newsworthy. It’s just a way to test out the automated posting system behind the scenes. Thank you for reading 👋

My new website is here!

After months of tooling and fooling, I’m proud to announce the new and hopefully easier to use

Thank you so much to my lovely partner for making this possible, to my co-conspirators for believing in me, and to you, readers and friends, for supporting me on this journey.

Tasting notes

For anyone curious, we built this site with 11ty, Nunjucks, SCSS and vanilla JS.

The new logo features ASTRO, by talented independent designer @flownart. Neon writing is Bayshore by Sam Parrett of Set Sail Studios.

If everything’s working properly, the heading and body copy are a pairing of Montserrat and Cormorant Garamond, with hints of Share Tech Mono on the error pages.