Gamedev diary: Random thoughts 29 Aug 2021


Random thoughts/notes from over the last couple of months:

  • Hex maps are pretty cool. I like the idea of incorporating something like this, though unless there’s a strong strategy component to this game, it probably sends the wrong message. Just a map at all, though, would be nice. It’ll give the player the sense of having an overview.
  • In two minds about keeping the noir vibe. This may come down to the eventual story, but 80’s synth rock is pretty cool too. Plus, there are so many objects associated with the 80’s genre that would make cool HOPA scenes.
  • I’ve pretty much fallen out of love with the story I’ve been writing. It’s too complicated and twisty, when something shorter, sweeter and simple might be more fun. Need to make space to have a focused think on what to do here.
  • After a couple months of playing Gemini Station, I’m reconsidering making this a web game. I do love how open and accessible the web can be. Plus then I wouldn’t have to worry about platform fees and licensing and all that other stuff that makes it so much harder to just create and connect with an audience. The trouble is the convenience and the lack of control over platform access. There are some games I just wouldn’t play on the web. There are challenges with web responsiveness and browser discrepancies. Dammit. That would have been cool. Still tossing up the factors here.
  • Life tasks are piling up, as is my other writing work.