Giveaway — It Starts With A Kiss

To celebrate the release of my upcoming sci-fi office romance, It Starts With A Kiss, I’m running a very special giveaway draw 💝

Two lucky winners will receive a signed paperback copy of the novel, along with a bundle of lovely treats featuring the work of local crafters Renée Botman, More Sundays Please and Handmade Gems; a digital download of Skye McDonald’s latest novel; and this year’s sweet ebook releases by fellow Kyanite authors Sophia LeRoux, A. R. Vagnetti and Crystal Kirkham.

What’s in the prize pack?

The rules are simple:

  1. You may enter by email, instagram, or both — yes, this means you can enter twice!
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How to enter by email

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Make sure you get it done and dusted by 29 September 2019.

How to enter by instagram

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A couple kissing. Text in image: Giveaway, "It Starts With A Kiss".

Good luck, my lovelies. I look forward to reading your entries! 👀

Cover Reveal: It Starts With A Kiss

Oops, I’m a little late with this! If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll have already seen this gorgeous Sophia LeRoux cover for my upcoming book, It Starts With A Kiss.

I love it. The colours, the vibe, the mesh heart, which—sorry for being a tech tragic—I’m picturing made of copper wires embedded in a pile of clunky space station hardware.

An excerpt from the yet-to-be-edited manuscript:

Sure enough, Tahnee turned to her with a devil’s grin. “Heard about you and wonderboy this morning.”

“Of course you did.” Celeste kept on working.

“Laks said he had his face right in your tits!”

“Of course she did.”

“Oh, come on, Celly! I’m so sodding bored. Next dispatch isn’t for another few hours. Give me something!”

If this had been about anyone else—Martin or, heaven forbid, that temp from a few months back, who stood too close and spat when he talked—Celeste would have gladly taken a ribbing from anyone. Especially Tahnee.

But it was different with Owen. Sure, she could play it cool when they talked about work, but anything else got her skittish inside and paranoid as hell he could tell by looking at her. He and everyone. So she always made sure she was the first to look away when they made eye contact; the first to break stride when they fell in step; the first to change positions when she saw their arms folded the same way. She had hiding it down to an art, and maybe it bordered on obsessive over-thinking, but what was the alternative? Getting caught and outed? Ruining a perfectly good working relationship? No way.

But Tahnee was waiting for an answer. Taking any more time to respond would give away plenty.

“All right, all right!” Celeste threw her hands up, a diversion while her mind raced for something to satisfy the expectant dispatch officer. “Um, he does have a very firm body. You can tell he sticks to HR’s fitness plan.”

“Uh huh.” Tahnee nodded. “Thought he might. As disgusted as I am about saying her name right now, it’s clear Eleanor has good taste.”

“Oh, come on.” Celeste glanced towards the break room. ”Owen’s just office hot.” The words tasted like fat, juicy lies on her tongue.

It Starts With A Kiss (2019, Kyanite Publishing)

Available 13 September 2019 thanks to Kyanite Publishing.

We’ll collect the moon and the stars

I’m a little annoyed with this year. Happy that I’m making progress with my work, but miffed that everything is so locked in. If I stacked my projects end to end, I’d be fully booked until I turn forty. And what a slog life is when there’s no room for new, exciting things.

We’ve still a way to go before 2019, but I’m already thinking about what I’d like to achieve next year. I don’t know exactly how this looks, but the wheels are turning. Here’s what’s been happening lately, though. Busy busy busy…

In the rearview

  • The Only Question That Matters came out in August 
  • I’ve released the Danica story, The Beating of Our Hearts, on Wattpad. The first chapter, “Smoke and Aural Pleasures”, is live and ready to read. Second chapter starts in a couple of weeks. This is the third celestial dream story out in the wild, but certainly not the last  Read it now.
  • I’ve signed a contract with Kyanite Publishing. New book, It Starts With A Kiss, comes out later this year. Stay tuned.

What I’m working on

  • Publishing prep for It Starts With A Kiss. Cover art, blurb, all of those things.
  • “The World Laid Out For Him”, aka. chapter two of The Beating of Our Hearts.
  • The Dragon’s Den, aka. the sequel to Chasing Sisyphus.
  • Sunset on a Distant World, another story in the AMS Celestial Dream collection.

Coming up

  • NaNoWriMo… Yeah, I’m thinking of joining as a rebel this year. The energy and camaraderie is just so good for getting shit done.

The Only Question That Matters — out now

My latest novella, The Only Question That Matters, is available now.

Amazon | Kobo | B&N | iTunes | Smashwords

Here’s a little teaser…

When we are naked, I stop to take him in. His shoulders, his chest, the contours of his stomach—they are sinewy and strong, sculpted, perfect. His arms and legs look forged by a life of adventure, not writing alone in his room. I wonder if he lives the stories he writes. I wonder, will he write about us one day?

Then I realise he is watching me too. I blush, I think. I’m not sure. The room is not yet warm, but I am hot all over from his touch, his gaze. My posture closes. I don’t want to be modest now, but I can’t help myself. He rolls us over.

“Don’t be shy,” he teases, looking down at me. “I like what I see as well.”

How arrogant! I laugh out loud. It’s a burst of ungraceful noise, but the music continues and I don’t feel shy anymore. The bedspread is cool under my back; he burns above me. His hubris gives me confidence—this is a game, the good kind, just for fun. I won’t be trapped between the bed and his body. Not yet.

I push him upward. He falls back to his knees. I rise to meet him and kiss his lips, his soft and bristly chin, his neck. When I reach his collarbone, he shudders. He is ticklish. Ah, to manipulate his body with just a touch. His hands are at my shoulders, but he barely touches me.

Silhouette of a couple kissing under a night sky. Book cover for "The Only Question That Matters" by JL Peridot.

Arriving at the question

It was meant to be a short and shallow steamy read. That’s what perplexes me about The Only Question That Matters: how it ballooned into a novella. The intention was a 1,200-word wham-bam-thankyou-sir flashfic, but while writing Sofia’s initial exchange with Alexei, little hints at her backstory kept popping up. I had to explore what got her on the AMS Celestial Dream in the first place. Why was her dinner date so important?

I’m not totally old-fashioned. I’m content with the idea of a one-night stand being what it is. But everything means something to someone. Everything we do is part of a bigger story. And we do things because they matter to us for one reason or another. It may be a small reason, like you’re antsy and need a fix. You can have your one-nighter and let it go, no problem.

But then how you go about it is unique to you; the way you flirt, make your intentions known, how you eventually pop the question. Those little decisions are a culmination of who you are, how people have treated you in the past, what you think about the person you’re with, and how you choose to express yourself.

It means something.

I guess, then, there’s so much you could say about a one-night stand if you wanted to. At the time, I didn’t think I wanted to. But the more I wrote, the more words kept pouring out of me. Sofia isn’t me, but she shares elements of my stories, and of the stories I’d collected from people who at some point in their lives loved too much, loved for the wrong reasons, loved the wrong person, not loved themselves enough, or not let themselves be loved.


Writing the first draft took three months. I was so immersed and consumed by this project, I think it brought on a mild bout of depression in the later weeks. Some of the songs on my writing playlist still hit me quite hard in the feels.

I think The Only Question That Matters may be the heaviest story I’ve ever written. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Cover Reveal: The Only Question That Matters

May I present to you the cover of my upcoming novella, The Only Question That Matters.

“The word falls out of him between breaths. He is drenched in sweat, and the heat emanating from him ripples the air around the surface of his skin. He squeezes my wrist, forehead resting on his other hand, shoulders rising and falling.”

Sofia is en route to Planet Paradiso, ready to start a new life after her divorce. But when she accepts Alexei’s dinner invitation on her final evening, she realises she’s in for more than she bargained for. As the AMS Celestial Dream arrives at its destination, and their one-night stand draws to a close, Sofia must choose between newfound possibilities with Alexei and the freedom she so desperately craves.

The Only Question That Matters is an emotional examination of healing and resilience through sex and love.

Silhouette of a couple kissing under a night sky. Book cover for "The Only Question That Matters" by JL Peridot.

Thank you so much to Chase Horan for his unending patience with this cover. We went through two or three revisions until we landed on a style that would capture the mood of this book and the other books in the series—yes, series ☺️ More on that later.

Thank you also to Sandra DamienPia ManningSarah Smith and One Love Editing for their unparalleled support and invaluable writing advice.

This erotic romance lands 10th Aug 2018 via Amazon.

Chasing Sisyphus blog tour

Chasing Sisyphus is my first MF erotic romance novel, set in the seedy, futuristic city of Basilica. It features strong characters in their mid-30s, who have more important things to worry about than falling in love. But guess where they find themselves anyway?


Book cover for Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot

Bounty hunter Adria Yuan is hot on the trail of her final hit: a notorious hacker wanted by the city’s elite. With the reward, she can pay for her brother’s surgery and finally get out of Basilica City. Trouble is, her line of work’s not exactly legal, and she’s barely staying ahead of the cops who want her target, too.

Detective Rhys Carver may be a little unorthodox, but he’s a good cop. Born and bred in Basilica, he does his part to keep his city clean. As clean as it gets, at least. And with Adria suddenly in his sights, it’s going to take more than falling in love for him to let her go.

As the pair close in on their mark, they are unwittingly drawn into a high profile conspiracy that could thrust the whole of Basilica into chaos. Can Adria and Rhys set aside their differences, and their desires, to save the only home they know?


Join me here and on a whirlwind tour of ten fabulous blogs, as we talk about the city, the sex, the characters and the creative process behind the story.

4th December

The tour has begun! My first stop is the blog of award-winning UK author, Lily Harlem. Today, we’re talking about Adria, the heroine of Chasing Sisyphus. Learn a little about her history and motives, check out a story excerpt, and enter the giveaway draw to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

👉 Read now: Adria Yuan — a dossier

5th December

Today, I’m visiting ETO’s Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D Grace, sharing a real life love story that began with sex. Sex can be an incredible driver for change. Wanting it, and wanting to be worthy of it, can inspire courageous acts of honesty, vulnerability and self-care in a world that demands so much from us. Read the post to see what I’m talking about, and check out the day’s new giveaway entry challenge.

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6th December

Mm, I’ve been naughty. Naughty enough that veteran erotica author, Elizabeth Coldwell, interviewed me for her blog. Here’s the dish on the dodgy stuff I had to research for Chasing Sisyphus, why I love scifi, plus today’s bonus question for the giveaway draw.

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7th December

Today, I’m visiting at Lisabet Sarai’s blog, Beyond Romance, talking about the sexy and respectful hero of Chasing Sisyphus. I grew up in a time we now brand as an era of “toxic masculinity” and, well, I can’t argue with the label. So many things I thought were normal back then now give me a royal ick when I think about them.

I wanted the hero of my story to retain the best bits of the old “get shit done” kind of guy, whilst being right here in the 21st century. No, wait, this is a futuristic novel, so he’s gotta be right there in the era he lives in. He’s a guy who’s got his act together, even when the shit hits the fan.

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8th December

I’m with erotic romance power couple Adriana Kraft today, sharing the grimy, magnificent Basilica City — the world of Chasing Sisyphus, inspired by the future noir cityscapes of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Minority Report and 12 Monkeys. Will you come to Tech Noir with me?

👉 Read now: Mood Boards: Basilica City — The World of “Chasing Sisyphus”

11th December

Back on the road today! I’m visiting The Brit Babes, sharing my thoughts on a dicey topic — when is it OK to hit a girl?

I find it hard to talk about this because the consequences on both sides of the fence are potentially so extreme. But given what we’re seeing in the media today, and all that’s going on in the world, it seems useful to have the conversation.

👉 Read now: When is it okay to hit a girl?

12 December

Love music? I do too. I’m visiting romance author Gale Stanley at her blog today, sharing the music that incubated my futuristic erotic romance, Chasing Sisyphus. It’s a playlist full of chunes. Give it a burl and answer today’s easy-as-pie bonus question in the giveaway draw.

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13 December

Rhys. I love that name. I went out with a guy named Rhys once, but he wasn’t the inspiration for this character. No, the Rhys I knew was (and still is) a writer who sports a dashing moustache and doesn’t much care for physical fitness.

Today, I’m visiting bookwork book blogger Amy Garnet of 6 Feet Under Books, talking about Detective Rhys Carver, the clean-shaven hero of Chasing Sisyphus, who doesn’t care much for writing and needs to say fit-as-hell for his job.

👉 Read now: Rhys Carver — a dossier

14 December

The tour is almost over! Today, I’m on More Books Than Livros, talking about writing sex scenes that work. I love crafting a good scene and I could ramble on all day about this, but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. I’m super stoked that Chasing Sisyphus got a positive review too! Have a read. Think sexy thoughts with me.

👉 Read now: Details, anchors — writing a sex scene that works

15th December

For the final stop on the tour, I’m bantering with Loc Glin about books, inspiration, life and writing.

👉 Read now: An interview at Books and Banter

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Book cover for Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot

Chasing Sisyphus is available now via Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iTunes and Bookstrand.

The Induction of Satine — out now

What’s got two thumbs and was so busy this week, she missed her own book release?

👍 😬 👍

The Induction of Satine is now available on Amazon and other big ebook retailers. I’m rather excited about this one. All the feedback I’ve had on it so far — from beta readers, dotters, tweeps — has been very positive. It began as a personal writing challenge, and took on a life of its own once I got to know the characters.

I hope you like it. I’ve been asked to turn it into a series, which I’m genuinely considering, but don’t want to force it. The little world of Bellerophon ticks over in my mind — as does my fascination with Warden Jet.

Book cover: "The Induction of Satine"

Chasing Sisyphus is out now

Yay! My first novel, Chasing Sisyphus has arrived. It’s available now on Bookstrand, and coming soon to other good ebook retailers.

Here’s a steamy little preview:

Detective Carver stepped toward her. He held out a cup and motioned for her to take it. She tucked a finger in the handle and clutched it in both hands. A dark crack streaked the rim like a wrinkle in a knuckle. Meanwhile, her own knuckles were pale.

“I guess I should thank you”—he smiled—“you know, for saving my life.”

“Don’t mention it,” she whispered, vision clearing as she sucked in a breath of fresh motel air.

The detective’s shirt hung, still wet, on the back of a chair. The contours of his chest and abdomen showed through his dark undershirt, accentuated by the sheen of composite fabric under lamplight. A shallow dimple creased the edge of his smile.



They’d come so close to not making it. But he’d cuffed her round the front. He was the sort of cop who’d do a thing like that. And the few seconds it bought made all the difference.

That’s why she went back.

He stood in front of her and knocked back his shot, the muscles in his wrist and arm flexing and twisting with the motion.

“Hey”—he looked at her—“something the matter?”

Heart racing, she downed her drink without a word and reached for him. She pulled his face to hers. His skin was warm. His breath was warm. Beneath the smell of liquor and earthy river water lurked the aroma of another person. A breathing person who caught her as she fell into him, as she kissed him, fumbling for something to hold onto.

The detective let go of his cup. It landed next to hers on the carpet. She kicked them both away. Her lips recognised him, recognised the sensation of life breathing between them both. Only this time, he was alive, too, hot and moving. His arms gripped her, holding her as she pushed her body toward him, against the growing need under his clothes. She was a buoy, slammed into him by waves in a storm. He clung to her, seizing fistfuls of her hair.

“What are we doing?” he gasped.

“We almost died tonight.”

She kissed him again, seeking his tongue where their lips met. Her nimble fingers worked the clasp of his belt. When it was undone, she peeled his undershirt from his muscular torso. His skin was cold beneath her touch, or were her hands hot from the shower? She looked at him. Right in the eye. She guided his hands up her waist and watched him intently.

“Fuck that, right?”

“Yeah”—he nodded—“fuck that.”

Get Chasing Sisyphus now on Bookstrand.

Book cover for Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot