It Starts With A Kiss — disappearing soon

With Kyanite Publishing officially closing its doors at the end of 2020, It Starts With A Kiss will be pulled from bookstore shelves and online catalogues. If you’ve been thinking about getting a copy, now’s the best time to grab one, as I’m not sure when it’ll be available again after New Year’s.

Anyone buying from the official Kyanite store can use the special promo code to get 40% off the final order.

Alternatively, if you fancy some snail mail from Australia (even though international postage is a bit poo), I’ve got a handful of paperbacks from back when I was planning on going to an event 📚 Just drop me an email and we can chat about it 💌

Thank you, everyone who bought, reviewed, talked about, and talked with me about this book 💜 I hope to share more stories with you soon.

Dot Club #24

Dot Club #24 will be going out in a few days. Here’s what you lovely peeps can look forward to:

  • A quick questionnaire about what you’d like to see next year
  • A little update following the announcement that my publisher is closing
  • A bit of shop talk about consent in romance (plus resources)
  • A rundown of steamy books to warm you up for Christmas
  • #TIL a curious finding about faking orgasms
  • A tiny microfic

Sit tight if you’re on the list!

If not, you can sign up via my website.

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About Henry on The Good Bits Podcast

One of the good bits from About Henry is now available on The Good Bits Podcast!

A suit and tie, with illustrated flames coming out of the neck

The Good Bits Podcast is a sexy audio collection of good bits from erotic books. It’s such an honour to have my work featured alongside the likes of Alessandra Torre, Fiona Zedde, Sierra Simone, Clare Connelly and other incredible writers.

Dot Club #23

Dot Club #23 is going out next week with the following goods:

  • A taste of my upcoming weird fiction story, 5-Star Cottage
  • An update from Project H
  • A mindset shift for writing through a tough time
  • A little good deed from Sydney, AU
  • #TIL something about the dubcon genre
  • A scifi/space opera giveaway open until 1 Nov

Sit tight if you’re on the list! If not, you can sign up via my website.

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Where the Sun Always Shines — an anthology of feel good stories

Where the Sun Always Shines, an anthology of feel good stories, is out now!

Where the Sun Always Shines is a free anthology of feel good stories created through the donated time and effort of the authors, editors, and designers to make you smile, make you laugh, and give you hope.

Edited by Crystal L. Kirkham and Jodi Jensen 💖 I’m honoured to have my short story, Playing Trades, counted among the hope-inspiring works in this anthology. It’s now available for free in the Kyanite Shop.

Where the Sun Always Shines: An anthology of feel good stories

About Her — an erotic short story

About Her is now out of my hands and into the world.

Thank you for waiting for this story, and for voicing your support on Twitter and Insta while I was agonising over the draft. Every manuscript somehow manages to be a psychological and emotional trip to hell and back—yeah, even happy stories. The creative process can be such a B.

Thank you for reading About Henry when it came out in the CapriLuxe Chronicles. I hope you enjoy this denouement of Julie Ho’s little adventure.

Woman stands by the window in a hotel room. Text reads: "About Her"

Special shoutouts to my partner for always rooting for me and taking me to all the lovely places Julie and Henry visited around Perth; to my editor Charlie Knight for the personal attention and care she gave this story; to the indelible Autumn Faraday for her inspiring CapriLuxe creation; to the amazingly talented authors who I’m honoured to have been featured alongside; and to you, yes you, for reading and writing with me 💜

My new website is here!

After months of tooling and fooling, I’m proud to announce the new and hopefully easier to use

Thank you so much to my lovely partner for making this possible, to my co-conspirators for believing in me, and to you, readers and friends, for supporting me on this journey.

Tasting notes

For anyone curious, we built this site with 11ty, Nunjucks, SCSS and vanilla JS.

The new logo features ASTRO, by talented independent designer @flownart. Neon writing is Bayshore by Sam Parrett of Set Sail Studios.

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Come say hi at Perfectly Published Perth in July

UPDATE 21 MAR 2020:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Perfectly Published Perth 2020 has been postponed to 2021. Regretfully, I’ll be unable to table on the new event date, though I hope to pop in as an attendee. Thank you to my Perth readers for your awesome support and encouragement while I’ve been preparing. I’m so sorry to let you down. If you’d like some bookish banter anyway, please always feel free to HMU on the socials 💜

Hey, lovelies! I’ll be tabling at the Perfectly Published Perth #PPP2020 signing event in July. This is a big multi-genre event, featuring authors from around Australia, all gathering at the Perth Town Hall on (hopefully) a lovely Makuru (winter) Saturday.

Come say hi and pick up a copy of It Starts With A Kiss, direct from my hands to yours. I’ll also have limited edition items for sale, which I’ll talk more about on instagram and DOT CLUB over the coming months.

Pre-orders are now open so you can secure your copy ahead of time (closes 10 June 2020). Confirmed early bird pre-orders come with a special gift, just a small thank you for helping me plan my table in advance!

Perfectly Published Perth
Saturday 18 July 2020
Perth Town Hall
Buy a ticket via Eventbrite

Perfectly Published Perth, 18 July 2020, Perth Town Hall

It Starts With A Kiss — out now

Sure, she could play it cool when they talked about work, but anything else got her skittish inside and paranoid as hell, which he could tell by looking at her. Him and everyone else.

So she always made sure she was the first to look away when they made eye contact; the first to break stride when they fell in step; the first to change positions when she saw their arms folded the same way.

She had hiding it down to an art.

My steamy scifi office romance, It Starts With A Kiss, is out now 💖

Paperback copies of "It Starts With A Kiss" by JL Peridot

Thank you to everyone who preordered—you’ve made this day extra, extra exciting. Thank you to my lovely beta readers, who patiently and forgivingly answered all my fussy questions. Thank you to the friends who kept me going, kept me caffeinated, adequately sugared, and unquestioningly supported. Thank you to the readers, reviewers and everyone who’s ever replied to my mailouts for a chat.

Thank you to Kyanite Publishing for taking a chance on me, and for giving me my first legit paperback with a colourful cover and paper smell.

Thank you, most of all, to my partner N, who’s stood behind me and beside me from day one.

A hand holds a wire mesh heart on the cover of "It Starts With A Kiss" by JL Peridot

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Giveaway — It Starts With A Kiss

To celebrate the release of my upcoming sci-fi office romance, It Starts With A Kiss, I’m running a very special giveaway draw 💝

Two lucky winners will receive a signed paperback copy of the novel, along with a bundle of lovely treats featuring the work of local crafters Renée Botman, More Sundays Please and Handmade Gems; a digital download of Skye McDonald’s latest novel; and this year’s sweet ebook releases by fellow Kyanite authors Sophia LeRoux, A. R. Vagnetti and Crystal Kirkham.

What’s in the prize pack?

The rules are simple:

  1. You may enter by email, instagram, or both — yes, this means you can enter twice!
  2. To be eligible for entry by email, you must be subscribed to my mailing list. You may only enter once by email.
  3. To be eligible for entry by instagram, you must be following me on instagram. You may only enter once by instagram.
  4. If you win, you must be okay with telling me your postal address so I know where to send your prize!

How to enter by email

If you’re already a Dot Dot Dot subscriber, you’ll have received instructions already. Just reply to that email with answers to both questions.

If you’re not yet a Dot Dot Dot subscriber, it’s easy—just sign up, confirm your subscription, and the instructions will be sent straight to your inbox 💌

Make sure you get it done and dusted by 29 September 2019.

How to enter by instagram

Check out the giveaway post on my profile for instagram entry details!

A couple kissing. Text in image: Giveaway, "It Starts With A Kiss".

Good luck, my lovelies. I look forward to reading your entries! 👀