That life-changing resolution

I’m visiting Viviana MacKade today, talking about the (not New Year’s) resolution I made in 2014 that changed my life. Through my late 20s, I knew I wanted a career change in my 30s. I was a few years behind my deadline and, for a while, it looked like it was gonna happen at all.

Then along came this thing. I wasn’t even searching for it—a dear friend living overseas just happened to drop a mention while we were chatting. Only months later, I was on a completely different path to a totally different place.

What things did you stumble upon that changed the course of your life forever? Tell me here, on Vivi’s blog, on social media, or email me or whatever. I’d love to hear your story.

Saying it with cake

When my first book got published, my dear friends got me a cake. One of them spent two hours hand-carving a penis from a candle to go on top. You can say a lot with cake. It’s the embodiment of a happy moment that everyone can share.

I think food tastes better when it’s shared. When you have no food, it tastes like kindness and gratitude when someone shares theirs with you. When have too much food, it tastes like friendship and connection when you share it with someone else. Love is the most delectable of flavours.

Today, I’m at Love Romance Reads with my current favourite cake recipe — a ginger fruit cake. It’s remarkably delicious; I didn’t expect to like it so much. Bake it, eat it, share your thoughts with me.

And if you like it, share the love with someone else.

A ginger fruit cake on a sheet of baking paper. Juicy raisins fall into the gaps in a sliced section.
A ginger fruit cake. Made based on the recipe “Ginger Fruit Cake” from Whitworth’s Spice of Life Cookery Book (1950).

Thoughts of thanks and friendship

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Perth. Yet with the weather warming up as the year winds down, I often reflect on the months gone and consider all I have to be grateful for. Not to brag, but there’s a lot. The last couple of years have been a bit odd and people have been kind to me.

This week, I’ve got a guest post over at Love Romance Reads, talking about this and more. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out…