About me

Hi, I’m JL Peridot.

Sometimes people write my name as “J.L. Peridot”, but you can call me JL, J or just Hey you. My default pronouns are she/her out of habit, but I am also fine with he/him and they. It’s fine really as long as you’re respectful. Assume my gender if you wish, but know that other things about me may not meet those expectations.

A person with medium-length dark hair wears a pink face mask

I write love letters to the future, usually by way of fiction, prose and poetry, and sometimes through personal essays or some kind of visual art. My writing happens on a laptop that ages far too quickly, but when I’m feeling fancy or especially patient, I’ll bust out my old Lettera 22 typewriter and have a bash.

My bullet journal is my partner in crime LAWFUL DEEDS. I identify as a birder and Dune enjoyer. I’m a first-generation immigrant from Southeast Asia. I live and work in Boorloo on Whadjuk-Noongar land.

You can learn about my books and more at jlperidot.com/books.

You will not find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, save for my blog feed. But I am on Goodreads and Bookbub.

And I send out a newsletter, to which you can always reply for a chat. Or you can just, you know, contact me directly.