Star Crossed — coming soon

It’s only six-thirty in the world of obligations. The neura’s time manipulation is diabolically cruel when used in the penal system, but it’s a boon for forbidden lovers who yearn for just a few more hours in each other’s arms.

Psst! I have a new story coming out in a couple months.

O, swear not by the moon is a romantic science-fiction short story, appearing in the Star Crossed anthology published by Fedowar Press. You may have seen excerpts already if you follow me on Instagram, but here’s a little taste nonetheless:

This is the tale of Tanith, Faruk and a neurally entangled love that crosses the boundary between worlds.

Star Crossed comes out 26th April 2021.

Star Crossed — an anthology of romantic science fiction coming soon. Follow @fedowar for the cover reveal this week!