My 2021 in lists


Work I released this year

  1. O, swear not by the moon (a novelette in Star Crossed)
  2. About Henry — A Novella (re-release)
  3. Microfiction via Dot Club
  4. It Starts with a Kiss (re-release)
  5. Iteration Eleven (published by HyphenPunk magazine)

New things I learned about

  1. Autism (specifically, mine)
  2. Hyper-mobility (also mine lulz)
  3. World War II history
  4. Some of my family history
  5. Art, drawing & digital painting

What I wish I did less of

  1. Fear procrastination
  2. Getting injured
  3. Eating junk food

What I wish I did more of

  1. Reading books
  2. Research & writing for The Basilica Conspiracy
  3. Speaking up for myself

Books/Stories that grabbed me

  1. After my Before by Stefanie Simpson
  2. Summerland by Hannu Ranjaniemi
  3. A Lover’s Discourse by Xiaolu Guo
  4. Perihelion Summer by Greg Egan
  5. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Movies that grabbed me

  1. Casablanca (1942)
  2. Stowaway (2021)
  3. Hot Rod (2007)
  4. Tenet (2020)
  5. Dune (2021)

What I’m grateful for

  1. Family
  2. Broadband internet
  3. The health I do have
  4. My pastry friends 🥐
  5. My physiotherapist (it’s amazing what you can do when your health practitioners have a positive attitude)

My hopes for next year

  1. Tidy up my life (literally, it’s a mess) so I can work and live better
  2. Keep my health markers at healthy levels
  3. Consume more SFF and educational books
  4. Get SUNSET to a publishable state
  5. Finish outlining The Basilica Conspiracy