Australia’s lockdown began today

So much can change in just a week. Australia’s “lockdown” began today. We’re at “Stage 1” and I don’t know if our government defines the stages the same way other countries do, but if Italy and France are anything to go by, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Let’s just hope “worse” means “strictly sensible” and not “utterly dire”. Our household is adapting swiftly, sans panic buying.

We’ve adjusted our social habits—a straightforward and painless process for a pair of introverted digital natives. Making up for the lack of meatspace contact, we’re reaching out to our friends more. Random hellos, how are yous, memes, banter. So far, so good.

Last week, we looked at our work circumstances and finances. This week, we’re switching over to socially distant online PT sessions and cutting back our supermarket visits.

I’ve had to pull out of the Perfectly Published Perth event, which has been postponed to next year. It would have been nice to meet readers and other authors around my city, but given the current uncertainties and the commitments I’m still anticipating, I didn’t feel right about locking in something so far ahead.

Writing is happening, albeit slowly. About Her may go live later than expected. I’m okay with this and hope you are too. Though I’m not mega stressed about everything going on, it’s been hard to focus lately. I’m managing to do like, 1-2 things per day. I’m sure it’s the same everywhere. I don’t want time anxiety while working on this WIP. And I don’t want my editor to have so much time anxiety when looking over my WIP. So yeah, nice and slow we go.

Currently staying sane with Terraria, Avorion and 15-mins of sunlight each day ⛏🚀🌞