My 2020 in lists


Work I released this year

  1. About Her (short story)
  2. Playing Trades (short story)
  3. Microfiction via Dot Club

New things I learned about

  1. Basic shoulder anatomy
  2. Sustainable activism
  3. World War II history
  4. A little about the American electoral system
  5. Pilates

What I wish I did less of

  1. Multi-tasking
  2. Doom-scrolling
  3. Overworking

What I wish I did more of

  1. Finishing projects
  2. Research & writing for The Basilica Conspiracy
  3. Writing for Project H
  4. House chores 🏚
  5. Art and non-writing crafts

Books/Stories that grabbed me

  1. Simmer Down by Sarah Smith
  2. Chasing Elliot by Stefanie Simpson
  3. Hell Yeah! Or No by Derek Sivers
  4. Luna: Moon Rising by Ian McDonald
  5. An Eligible Boy (short story) by Ian McDonald

Movies that grabbed me

  1. Uncut Gems (2019)
  2. Sexy Beast (2001)
  3. The Lighthouse (2019)
  4. Drive (2011)
  5. The Gentlemen (2020)

What I’m grateful for

  1. Family 💜
  2. Ebooks and streaming telly
  3. Supportive friends on the same wavelength
  4. A clever State premier who cares about people’s health and wellbeing
  5. The weather we have here

My hopes for next year

  1. More learnings & career progression
  2. Writing better & releasing more stories
  3. Developing healthier eating habits 🐷
  4. Making It Starts With A Kiss available again after Kyanite closes
  5. Being more organised and disciplined about my work and mental health