Status Update — Nov 2019

Since my last update, N and I had our UK trip, which was bloody good fun. We got to see family, indulge in pub food, take short walks in the countryside. England is a beautiful place. It’s also a freaking chilly place this time of year. I burned a ton of calories just shivering in my grundies.

We got home last Monday and it’s been an uphill slog to get my gears turning again. Partly from jet lag, partly from still just wanting to be on holiday, despite the fact I was severely missing writing and home and my mechanical keyboard.

Funny how context can make you switch gears like that. But I’m back in the swing of things now, hacking away at The Dragon’s Den. Turns out I need to redo all of Act 2, which then means changes to Acts 1 and 3 to accommodate the changes. I’m sure builders had an easier time constructing the house I live in. Next mailing list update has a preview snippet from this WIP. Subscribe here if you wanna see and you’re not already in the club.

Project H is technically not on hold, but if this week’s anything to go by, that’s gonna be a slow burn project. Luckily, the story is straightforward and I don’t see it needing many revisions, just a lot of tweaking throughout the creative process. It’s still too primordial to discuss at length, but I can tell you it’ll be more supernatural than scifi. More to come.

Reading: Luna: Moon Rising by Ian McDonald. Boston Patriot Mermaid by Paulo Da Silva (short story version).

(Re)watching: The Office, again. We just got to Phyllis’s wedding—oh, the cringe!

Playing: Blueprint Tycoon 🤓