The year is almost half over 😭

So, after ten months, I’ve finally finished that space romance. Two frustrating attempts in previous years left me skeptical of NaNoWrimo, but I may have to eat my words now—it was April’s CampNaNo that got me over the line. ☺️

The manuscript is with my beloved beta readers now. This afternoon, I’m pausing for a breath and a cup of tea before getting on with the next project 

In the rearview

  • The CapriLuxe Chronicles. We’re almost up to 1000 reads and I’m humbled by the response. My Perth-side mates have asked exactly where in King’s Park About Henry‘s steamy action took place. Maybe we’ll take stroll one evening, friends 
  • My first Wicked Wednesday hot flash, The Rhythm and The Drum. I really enjoyed putting that together.

What I’m working on

  • It Starts With A Kiss, a lighthearted office romance now with beta readers. More sweet than sultry, but still with sex, swears and Brit-Aussie language style. Excerpt coming soon.
  • Smoke and Aural Pleasures, aka. the Danica story.
  • The Dragon’s Den, aka. the sequel to Chasing Sisyphus.
  • The sequel to About Henry.

Coming up

  • More little hot flash stories